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Phil Cho
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Commissions are open again! I guess all I really needed was the weekend to recover :)

Commission me through my website at…

Or simply e-mail me at about an interest, price quote, or inquiry.

Commission Examples:

Head busts: $10 ($5 deal no longer available - maybe later ;) )

Blazewing  head bust commission by phil-choBlazewing Unmasked head bust commission by phil-choRonin Head bust commission by phil-choStar-Fall head bust commission by phil-choSouth Star head bust commission by phil-choLigerwoman head bust commission by phil-choJetleg head bust commission by phil-choGolden Orb head bust commission by phil-choAvatar Of Ra head bust commission by phil-cho

Auren head bust commission by phil-choZoot-Suit Riot head bust commission by phil-choSunhawk head bust commission by phil-choMan-flea head bust commission by phil-choDoctor Dave head bust commission by phil-choDissever head bust commission by phil-choDelta Seeker head bust commission by phil-choBlazing Tornado head bust commission by phil-choAmpere head bust commission by phil-choSteelwolf head bust commission by phil-cho

Single character: $50
Mightyman commission by phil-choMega Woman commission by phil-choThe Energyman commission by phil-choHera commission by phil-choJoro'k Commission by phil-cho
Asuka commission by phil-choEmma Jaeger commission by phil-choFelicity Newbury commission by phil-choJason commission by phil-choGalatea commission by phil-cho
(+$10 for extra head bust)
Forever October - OC Commission by phil-choHummingbird OC Commission by phil-choChishibuki OC Commission by phil-cho

Character concept art: $250
Stopmotion Concept Art Commission by phil-choElasticator Concept Art Commission by phil-cho

Character concept art (front and back only) : $100
Leoxander character sheet commission by phil-cho Roman character sheet commission by phil-cho Zephyr character sheet commission by phil-cho

Illustration (character(s)+scene) : $200 - $500
Goku commissioned by Sean Schemmel by phil-cho Independence Eagle Commission by phil-cho Jangett commission by phil-cho Battle Angel Goku Commissioned by Sean Schemmel by phil-cho

Elasticator vs. Onslaught by phil-cho  Stopmotion Commission by phil-cho Bassline Commission by phil-cho Lumber Jax and Big Easy Commission by phil-cho Brother V commission by phil-cho

1. Original high resolution files (.jpg, 300 dpi) and web-friendly files (.jpg, 72 dpi) will be provided.

2. Payments made payable via PayPal or Venmo to

3. Half down payment is required before designing begins, and the rest will be charged upon completion of artwork.

4. Work-in-progresses will be provided regularly to show progress and receive notes/criticism.

5. Turnouts are no longer than a week.

6. Revisions after artwork is fully colored may cost extra depending on the requested change.

7. Commissions will be featured on this website, my facebook page, tumblr, instagram, and deviant art page unless requested to keep private.

8. The commissioner (you) will have the right to use and profit from the artwork.

Feel free to request something other than what I've shown above. The examples above are just to give you an idea of how much it would cost you for any particular commission. Also, note that everything I do is digital, so I'll be providing high resolution files only. If you'd like to print them out yourself, and I can prep the file for optimum printing - but I won't be sending an actual print to you.

I take payment via PayPal and Venmo (both are connected to I have my commissioners pay me half up front before I begin, and the rest once I finish the piece. Fill out a form here if you're interested! Turnouts are no longer than a week.

DBH online store:…
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UsaPatriot7476 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  New member
Can you make Captain America. I think it would look awesome if you drew it
UsaPatriot7476 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  New member
Did you make up some of the commissions by yourself? If so they are extremely badass.
phil-cho Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Nope, most, if not all of them were concepts made by the commissioners. I can only take credit for drawing and/or designing them. Some already had designs done, and I simply drew them in my style; and others provided written descriptions and photo references, and had me design the characters myself.

So far, no one as just given me money, and said, "hey, do whatever you want" haha. That would be nice, but very unlikely!
QuantumDog Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015
Had to blow the dust off my old deviantart account so I could log on to praise the 15 commissions Phil has done for me so far.

Phil, you are a legend, plain and simple. I know I'm a pain in the arse commissioner, but you've been nothing but patient and produced nothing but perfect results. I take my hat off to you mate.

All of my characters are my own, or my wife's original creations, and yes I have been inspired by characters from Marvel, DC and Image; but none of my characters are 'rip offs'.

Most people ask if Steel Patriot is an Iron Patriot rip off. The answer is no. I created the character back in the late 1980's and I actually named him Iron Patriot, but begrudgingly changed the name when Marvel introduced a character of the same name. I now actually prefer the new name...luckily enough. I will admit in creating him I was heavily influenced by Havok, Batman, Ironman, and Captain America though, but he's alllll mine.

Alas I'm a writer not an artist, and I have around 100 heroes and 80 villains, and 400 pages of super hero fiction, that one day I hope to publish. A bloke can dream.

I hope you guys like the characters Phil has done so far, and more will follow...but perhaps not so many so frequently.

-Ross Warren
Rouge-Fox Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Student Writer
Hello, I am contacting people I have decided to watch and admire to tell them about a project we have underway.

Myself and Traumwelt (visit his DA page here-->nemoalleintraumwelt.deviantart…) have begun creating our first comic book together. It is called Old Harry's tale, and it is a supernatural and philosophical drama. The first six pages of Issue #1 will be submitted to Tumblr and DA

We call ourselves Scapegoat comics and all news of the project will be relayed here at the Scapegoat comics club -->… And I would like all those who watch me to join.

The project is going to be set to a kickstarter which will be linked to the club page later within the month. And all who join the club will have early access to the rewards including the free digital intro comic bening the rules.

If you want to join it is automatically approved, you just need to click a button. If you don't want to, that's fine. It's your choice after all.

Also even if you do not join the club I would be most pleased if you watched this video we made and tell us what you think-->…

Once again, you can ingore all of this. You have free will after all.
batman1a Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015
can i use your regime flash to create reverse-flash
batman1a Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
hey if you take requests could u make a batman for me
DaJoestanator Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Just wanted to say I LOVE your Batman designs! Have you ever thought of doing a whole DC Philcho Universe, where you draw characters from other DC series like Green Lantern and their villains? You don't have to, of course. I just think your designs are fantastic
phil-cho Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks man. Yeah I wish I could do something like that, but I just don't have the time.
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